Auditrium Payment Service

With Auditrium payment service, Auditrium visualizes its market presence for the administrative services for people in old age or with limitations. Behind Auditirum payment service stands a trust company with more than 30 years of experience in customer care. In cooperation with ConSol Office Auditrium payment service engages people with disabilities, who are preparing to return to the first job market, to a large extent. Auditrium organizes, coordinates and controls the execution and thus guarantees the highest quality in the implementation of the assignments.


For only CHF 150 per month, you receive our all-round administration service:
  • Payment service
    • Collect your invoices in the ADMIN-BOX folder and send them to us once a month
    • We take care of the payments of your invoices and file them systematically
    • You can view all receipts online on AUDITRIUM DRIVE at any time
  • Calculate/apply for supplementary benefits
    • We calculate your entitlement to supplementary benefits and make the registration
  • Reimbursements from health insurance companies/insurances
    • We communicate with the health insurance companies and insurances and take care of your reimbursements
  • Filling in the tax return
    • We support you in completing the annual tax return and check the tax assessment and the tax invoices
  • Hotline for administrative matters
    • We are at your disposal for all administrative matters by telephone from 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 17:00 o'clock.
  • Hotline for relatives in case of death
    • In the event of death, we also support your relatives with the administrative tasks that arise.

Payment service

Services and support

  • Precautionary mandate / Patient directive
    • Development of individual solutions and public certification of pension orders
    • Advice on filling in living wills
  • Legal advice
    • Drawing up marriage and inheritance contracts and wills
    • Establishment, restructuring and liquidation of companies
  • Tax consultancy
    • Fill in annual tax return and check tax assessments
    • Optimize the tax burden through targeted planning
  • Accounting department
    • Keeping accounts, e.g. for foundations, real estate, shareholdings
    • Archiving documents and correspondence on paper or electronically, including data backup

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