Trust Service
  • Accounting (incl. creditor processing)
  • VAT settlements
  • Accounting/Annual financial statements
  • Consolidation
  • Controlling
  • Family-Office-Services
  • Business administration
  • Expert reports, exposé, contracts
Management consultancy
  • Founding
  • Liquidations
  • Restructurings
  • Business valuation
  • Management consultancy
  • Social Audit
  • Expert opinions, exposé, contracts
Tax consultancy
  • Income taxes for natural and legal persons
  • Value added tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Special taxes (inheritance/gift taxes etc.)
  • General tax consulting
  • Identity card requirements/objections/self-disclosures
  • Accompaniment of tax audits
  • Expert opinions, exposé, rulings
  • Limited Revision
  • Special audits (formation audit, non-cash contribution audit, audit in the event of premature liquidation)
  • Expert opinion, exposé
Management service
  • VR mandates
  • Managing director mandates
  • Liquidator mandates
  • CFO mandates
  • Temporary management mandates
  • Coaching mandates
  • Domicile mandates
Payment service
  • Processing of payments for private individuals


Auditrium provides trust services++ at standard rates:
Traditional: large range of services with individually tailored solutions.
  • completion of tasks with the perspective of trained consultants.
  • know-how and resources required to accomplish extraordinary, interdisciplinary actions using active management and the qualitative expansion of our networks.


Urs Rindlisbacher

Federally certified expert in accounting and controlling, trustee with federal certificate, state-licensed auditor. Partner

Urs Rindlisbacher

Urs Rindlisbacher learned his craft at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and then joined Scout24, the largest online marketplace in the area of group reporting. His focus at the time was on IFRS and consolidation tools. With this experience, he joined a family office and built up the group reporting for a global agricultural concern; he was also interim CFO of a sub-group. Using a management buyout, he became independent with Auditrium.
Norbert Heer

swiss certified specialist for finance and accounting, swiss licensed auditor

Norbert Heer

Norbert Heer is since more than 25 years in the tax advisory and accounting business. His first employer was Balmer-Etinne AG, Lucerne, later he joined Bättig Treuhand AG, Lucerne, later Ecovis, Lucerne then he saw new opportunities with Herzog AG, Kriens. Norbert is a experienced consultant. Beside his function as manager he is also involved in special projects such as company audits/reviews and restructuring. He is in charge of some real estate companies and has know-how in the area of inter cantonal tax law in this special area. He can also bring in his experience in a board of directors of a real estate companie.
Roger Breitenstein


Roger Breitenstein

Roger Breitenstein has an MLaw degree from the University of Lucerne and specialises in the following areas: migration law, national and international tax law, contract and commercial law, labour law, social security law, settlement management, residential and corporate relocation.
His studies at the Academy of Contemporary Music and his duties as an operations manager in the industry give him an open perspective for finding all the important details, the relation to the relevance, and creativity for optimal problem solving.
Andreas Aschwanden


Andreas Aschwanden

Andreas Aschwanden has an MLaw degree from the University of Lucerne and specialises in the following areas: national and international tax law, VAT.
Benno Reinhart
Depositing services


Benno Reinhart

As a trained baker/pastry chef, Benno Reinhart has led the life of a craftsman. After subsequently training as a merchant and further training as a finance, accounting and trust clerk, Benno Reinhart can apply the experience he gathered in the area of craftsmanship to the commercial sector.
Nicole Schilliger
Depositing services

Federally certifies trustee

Nicole Schilliger

As a fiduciary specialist, Nicole Schilliger is active in payroll accounting and ensures the smooth handling of social security and labour law issues.
Dario Cardone
Depositing services


Dario Cardone

Dario Cardone completed his apprenticeship at BDO before joining the Auditrium team. As a trustee, Dario primarily acts for companies in the medical, nursing and health care sectors.
Sarah Müller
Depositing Services


Sarah Müller

Sarah Müller has graduated from the economics school with a vocational diploma in Lucerne. After working for a bank and an insurance company, she joined the Auditrium team in 2019. She is responsible for the secretariat and, as a trustee, supports the mandate managers.


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