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HR Services and Payroll

Competent employees and their satisfaction are decisive for the success of every company. In this context, not only hiring good employees but also the reliable payment of employees is crucial to keep staff motivated. Payroll processes require a lot of time and energy every month. If you prefer to use this time differently, we are delighted to support you with all payroll and HR tasks.

Auditrium facilitates job changes within the company

A large number of companies outsource matters such as recruiting or employee payment. The reasons for this are many and varied. Often, several positions in a company have to be unexpectedly filled or created. It might take a while to find the right person for the job. Especially in the operational area, companies may lack the time or even the expertise to handle HR matters efficiently.

Auditrium supports you with your salary statement

Auditrium's professionally trained employees take over your entire operational payroll process. If you need support preparing your salary statement, our team will be at your side with comprehensive expertise and many years of experience.

Let Auditrium take care of payroll and HR processes on demand

Auditrium's specialists can support you with your payroll and HR processes for short or long periods. Since personnel bottlenecks in a company often arise at short notice, Auditrium is available to you on demand. In this way, we offer you a way of absorbing bottlenecks and professionally filling the vacuum that has arisen. Regardless of when you have found a permanent solution for your operational payroll process, you can rely on our staff.

Use Auditrium's wide range of services

Auditrium offers you a wide range of services. We can take over managing a payroll for the locally employed staff or even take over the entire payroll. We can also take over a sub-area, such as your project staff abroad or your other ex-pats. We monitor international laws and regulations for you and minimize the risks for your company and employees. In addition to operational activities related to payroll and HR, we offer support for individual projects. We also do testing during the implementation of new systems in your company.

Our services

  • Operational Payroll Support
  • Operational HR activities
  • Project support
  • Project support
  • Testing during the implementation of systems
  • Mediation between consultant and company
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