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Tax consulting

Taxes do not only influence entrepreneurial activities, they also have a considerable impact on the success of a company. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right partner at your side concerning tax advice. Whether you need help with specific topics such as tax returns or tax audits or are looking for more general tax advice from trained fiduciaries, we can assist you.

With their extensive knowledge in this field, our consultants will help you achieve the best possible result for your business. Our tax advisors also support you in obtaining tax rulings from the tax office (Switzerland-wide) and help you optimize your taxes. In addition, our staff will support you in keeping you up to date with laws, regulations, and directives in this area. Whether it concerns income tax (Est.) (for individuals or legal entities), value-added tax (VAT), withholding tax (Vst.), or special taxes (e.g. inheritance tax, gift tax, withholding tax, back taxes, etc.), processes can be designed more efficiently with holistic tax planning.

Our services

  • Tax return
  • Est., VAT, Vst. & special taxes
  • General tax consulting Switzerland-wide
  • Long-term tax optimization (reduction of tax burden)
  • Assurance of legally compliant declarations
  • Support for tax audits
  • Assessments, exposés, rulings
  • Statement demands / objections / voluntary declarations