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Would you prefer to be on the safe side for annual financial statements? Our trained auditors are happy to take a look at them. Regardless of whether you keep your books according to the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR), follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or the professional recommendations on accounting (SWISS GAAP FER), we make sure your financial statement checks out. In doing so, we audit according to the Swiss Auditing Standard (PS).

Our trained auditors can also advise and assist you in statutory audits (stipulated in the articles of association) and special audits (e.g. formation audit, audit of contributions in kind, audit in the event of premature liquidation). Auditrium also performs limited and ordinary audits. Quick reminder: in the case of a regular audit, the auditor expresses reasonable certainty of judgment by a positively formulated assurance. In the case of a limited audit, only a finite certainty of judgment gets provided.

In addition to audits, our team also provides support for capital increases and decreases and performs formation audits.

Internal audits are created individually according to your ideas to meet your company's needs in the best possible way.

Our services

  • Limited and ordinary audits
  • Special audits (formation audit, audit of contributions in kind, audit in case of premature liquidation)
  • Expert opinions, exposé
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