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Management Consulting

Have you achieved a milestone with your company and want to ensure that your next step is the right one? Then Auditrium is the right partner to support you. Our fiduciaries provide excellent advice regarding the formation, succession, or liquidation of companies.

Particularly during the start-up phase, many important decisions that will influence the company's later success are made. This makes it even more fundamental to base these decisions on sound experience. If you are undecided about which business form is the right one, we are happy to help. Our consultants can also provide valuable input, concerning the restructuring, of an existing company.

If you are already one step further and would like to turn your business into cash, we can also help you get the most out of your work. Should the business stay in the family, or should it be sold? Then a comprehensive business valuation, customized to your business, is essential.
Our auditors can also carry out Social audits.

Our services

  • Incorporations
  • Liquidation
  • restructurings
  • company valuation
  • social audit
  • Expert opinions, exposé, contracts
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