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Do you need support at the management level? Then assigning a mandate could be the right option for you. In a business context, a mandate is an assignment or power of attorney to perform a specific task or represent an interest within a company. It is not uncommon for a company to award a mandate, and there can be many different reasons for doing so. One reason is that a management position needs to be filled unexpectedly. Assigning a mandate gives time to find the right person for the job, while the position is not left vacant. Other reasons for giving a mandate can be the need for a sparring partner, that the expertise is not available or that the company lacks time to find a suitable successor.

Auditrium's trained employees have experience in finance and fiduciary services. This makes them ideally suited to take on mandates. Whether it is a board of directors mandate or a CFO mandate, our employees bring leadership skills and expertise to the table. Thus, we contribute to making well-founded decisions in your company.

Our services

  • Board of Directors mandates
  • Managing director mandates
  • CFO mandates
  • Interim managers (management-on-temporary mandates)
  • Domicile mandates
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